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Links To Useful Websites

Explore Teesdale: Tourism website for the Teesdale area with details of many historical locations in the area.

Durham County Council: The local county council with details of the county archives, libraries and birth, deaths and marriages.

Bowes Museum: The main museum in Teesdale, situated in Barnard Castle, which holds a number of important collections.

Durham County Council Libraries & Archives: Durham County Councils libraries, records and history.

National Archives: As the official public archive of the United Kingdom government, they hold records covering more than 1,000 years of history. Government records which have been selected for permanent preservation are sent to The National Archives.

The Megalithic Portal: Maps and details of megalithic and ancient structures both in the UK and across the Globe.

English Heritage: English Heritage cares for more than 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites including a number in Teesdale.

North Pennines AONB: Provides details of the Area Of Outstanding Beauty in the North Pennines, of which Teesdale is part.

Raby Castle: One of the best-preserved castles in North East England, Lord Barnard's home provides more than 600 years of history and a glimpse of life throughout the ages. With examples of fine interiors and architecture spanning the Medieval, Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods providing a magnificent backdrop for the stunning art collection.

Teesdale Mercury Archives: This online archive and website forms the central resource of the Teesdale Mercury Access Project (TMAP), a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. The Teesdale Mercury is one of the few remaining independent local newspapers in England. It has been published in Barnard Castle (in the heart of Teesdale, County Durham) since July 1855.

Francis Firth: An online source of photographs, maps and books on the area.

Darlington & Stockton Times Archives: The archives of one of the local newspapers which cover the area. A collection of photographs, both old and new, of the area with several sections covering the Teesdale area.

Teesdale in Pictures: A very large collection of old photographs of Teesdale

Virtual Teesdale: A collection of largely contempary photographs of Teesdale.

Facebook: There are several groups and pages on Facebook devoted to Teesdale - its history and images.

The Teesdale heritage group The Teesdale heritage group was formed in 1990 to discuss and collect memories, images and information on the local area.

The Fitzhugh Library The Fitzhugh Library was set up as a charitable trust in 1990 (Reg. No. 700930) to maintain and expand an existing collection of local material, which has been made available to the public. The area covered is the old Palatinate of Durham before the 1974 boundary revisions, plus the Ecclesiastical Parish of Romaldkirk. This includes Bedlington, Crayke, Holy Island and Norham. At present, the Library contains over ten thousand items: books, maps, periodicals, photographs and ephemera; also there are some 20,000 sheets of newspaper cuttings. Using a simple system, everything is card and computer-indexed for easy reference.

The History of Gainford This website is about Gainford upon Tees, a small village in County Durham on the A67, midway between Darlington and Barnard Castle. It is hoped that it will help family historians who have ancestors with a Gainford connection and also provide information about the history of the village to people who currently live here or who have lived here in the past.

Brignall Community Excavation This is a pdf of the post-excavation assessmnet of an archaeological excavation of the site of Brignall shruken medieval village near Greta Bridge. The three week excavation was undertaken in October 2015 by local volunteers under the guidance of a professional team of archaeologists from Northern Archaeological Associates Ltd (NAA)

Northern Archaeological Associates One of the North East's largest and best known independent heritage consultancies, offering a full range of archaeological and historic environment services across the UK. Established since 1990, we have a proven track record in providing a reliable and cost effective service. There 'In Focus' page gives details of a number of local archaeological projects they are or have been involved with.

National Libary of Scotland A vast online source of maps and records for the whole of the UK

The UK Goverment Enviroment Agency Database This provides free access to a range of Uk maps including Lidar maps which provide a vey detail image of surface details including archaeological ones.

The Battlefields Trust The trust aims to record and protect battlefields across the UK and increase our knownledge and understanding of them. The have a large searchable database of battles providing there location and details.